Philosophy and Purpose

We believe that individuals are entitled to receive health care services appropriate to their needs, over extended periods of time, allowing them to function at their optimum level of independence, and that these services be provided by nurses who are qualified through education and experience.

The Long Term Care Nurses Association (LTCNA) shall serve to bring together those licensed nurses who are committed to this philosophy for the purpose of education, networking, career advancement opportunities, public relations and resident advocacy.

LTCNA is affiliated with the Illinois Health Care Association (IHCA) which represents more than 500 licensed long term care centers in Illinois.


  • To provide educational programs that focus on the needs of long term care nurses.
  • To support and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among extended care nurses.
  • To enhance member expertise and professional awareness.
  • To promote a positive image of long term care nursing.
  • To promote a more in-depth awareness of residents' needs to other professionals and community groups.

LTCNA Council

The LTCNA Council is the governing body of the Long Term Care Nurses Association and consists of the officers of LTCNA and At-Large Representatives from around the state. A member of the LTCNA Council must be a member in good standing of the Long Term Care Nurses Association and must have knowledge of and an interest in long term care nursing.

Commitment Form

If you are an LTCNA member and wish to serve on the LTCNA Council or need more information about LTCNA, please contact:

Kim Palermo OR

Michelle Stuercke

Long Term Care Nurses Association
1029 South Fourth Street
Springfield, IL 62703-2224
(217) 528-6455
(800) 252-8988
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